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Below you'll find our very large selection of low profile direct embroidered U.S. Army Ball caps from Eagle Crest. We appreciate your service and hope that you'll wear your Army Cap with pride. The quality of our Army Caps is guaranteed! U.S. Army Ladies Floral Design cap; Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Khaki Ball Cap;


for a cap fitting 21-3/4" in circumference the top to be 1/8" larger or smaller in diameter for every 1/4" by which the cap may vary in size of head above or below the before mentioned standard, e.g. for a cap 22-1/4" in circumference, the diameter across the top to be 10-5/8" and for a cap 21" in circumference, the diameter to be 10".


7. Officer's Winter Service A Uniform. Cap, jacket, and trousers combo in forest green wool elastique. Like the enlisted man's winter uniform, the officer's uniform came with a cloth belt, but here the officer wears the M-1935 leather belt with shoulder strap. This uniform could be constructed of several types of approved materials.

CAP REGULATION 39-2 - Civil Air Patrol

missions for the DoD/Air Force. All other CAP membership categories are not authorized to participate in DoD or Air Force missions and will not be afforded federal coverage or benefits. 1.1.2. Nondiscrimination. In accordance with CAP Regulation 36-1, Civil Air Patrol

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WWII era US Army Enlisted Visor Cap Badge Large. WWII Pinks and Greens Officer Garrison Cap. WWII Khaki Officers Visor Cap Hat 7. WWII Wool Artillery Garrison Cap. WWII Visor Cap Hat Officers Eagle. WWII Unassigned Collar Disk. WWII Visor Cap Hat Officers Eagle Amcraft. WWII era US Army Enlisted Visor Cap Badge.


The U.S. Army Male Officer Class A Green Uniform was the Army's primary Service uniform for over sixty years, beginning with its approval in 1954 (it wasn't available through the Quartermaster supply system until 1956) until its mandatory wear-out date of 30 September 2015.Its basic components were the U.S. Army Green Coat and Trousers (shades 489 or 491), Army Green (shade 415) short- or ...

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An officer's Service Dress cap of 2018 is very similar to the cap introduced with . the blue grey uniform in the closing months of 1919. This 1954 Pattern cap displays the St Edward's Crown which marked the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II the year before. 1954 Pattern. 77/U/1413 Officer's Service Dress Cap. 5

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Place your design on the front, back, or sides of the hat. If you can't decide on one placement, you can also create a next-level cap with multiple embroidery designs, just note that each additional design comes at an extra cost.


CUSTOM MADE MILITARY CAPS. We are proud to offer a quality selection of custom made "High Profile" 5 Panel Wool Poly Blend and also 6 panel Wool Poly Blend U.S. Military ball caps for our customers. "High Profile" or "High Structured" caps mean that these caps stand tall in the front. Some of our custom cap selection are offered in Low Profile ...

Military Occupational Classification and Structure

grade cap distribution matrix (GCDM). 2 – 3. Chapter 3 summary. ... It contains specifications for each of the occupational codes developed and approved for officer classification and physical requirements to hold the officer military occupation. 2 – 4. Chapter 4 summary.

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ww1 british army officers /other ranks service dress breeches. code: 11476. £225.00 approx $309.49, €263.47, ... 1902 pattern british ww1 service dress tunic & cap shropshire light in. code: 11570. sold. 1922 pattern british khaki service dress tunic. code: 11564. ... web design for militaria, ...

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On the service cap, persons are distinguished by use of aluminum wire on the visor as follows: General Officer – black broadcloth covered visor embroidered in aluminum wire with the Air Force lightning, cloud and dart design identifying general officers; Colonels – black broadcloth covered visor embroidered in aluminum wire with Air Force ...

U.S. Navy Uniform Traditions and Origins

A. An anchor that is foul of the cable or chain is a symbol found in various Navy crests. The device is on the cap of American naval officers, the distinguishing device of a Chief Petty Officer, the collar device of midshipman, and on the cap badges of the British naval officers. Many sailors regard the device a sign of poor seamanship.


¾ NORMAL DAILY OFFICER ATTIRE; ... AUTHORITY . ¾ PRESCRIBED FOR POLICEWOMEN TYPES OF FIELD SERVICE UNIFORMS (FSUs) -City Police Stations & Municipal Police Stations. TYPE STAR RANK NON-STAR RANK "C" Field Cap GOA with shoulder ... Police Field cap FSU TYPE "B" (Black Tropical Fatigue FSU) ¾ The standard uniform for exclusive use of ...


Use our U.S. Army Male Officer Army Service Uniform (ASU) Builder to create an entire ensemble from scratch or select only those items you need to augment an existing ASU. Select your Officer or Warrant Officer grade (O-1 to O-6 and W-1 to W-5) and choose your branch of Service, and the ASU Builder will make the appropriate selections for several uniform items, such as Service Cap (cap braid ...

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Some badges, insignia, ship silhouettes, etc. have coloring or design that varies depending on the years of service or whether a veteran was enlisted or an officer. We strive for accuracy in our custom hats so we ask these questions to ensure the finished product best represents your service while upholding military traditions.

AR 670-1: Chapter 13: Blue Service and Dress Uniforms ...

13-18: Service cap (optional) a. Design. The cap will be made from an approved specification or pattern, in a standard Army design. Officers have the option of wearing the cap frame with a removable cover made of the same material as the rest of the uniform. b. Visor and visor ornamentation.

4311 - Officer Headgear

c. For Officers of the rank of Lieutenant Commander and below the visor is plain. 3. Chin Straps. a. For all commissioned officers and commissioned warrant officers, chin straps shall be ½ inch wide, faced with gold lace, and shall be secured at each side of the cap by a navy eagle, gilt button. b. For warrant officers, W-1, chin straps shall ...

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These U.S. Air Force Relaxed Cotton Embroidered Caps utilize a classic 6-panel baseball cap design, made of cotton and built to last. This U.S. Air Force cap features high definition embroidery on the front, 6 stitched ventilation holes and a...


Rank: Cadet Officer and NCO rank insignia will be worn on the Class A Uniform. It will be worn on the epaulet, 5/8" from the seam of shoulder and centered. NCO Rank Chevrons will face the wearer's neck. Unit Crest: The DUI (Distinctive Unit Insignia) will be worn on the epaulet centered and midway between the edge of the rank and the button.