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Pentagon Issues Shocking Poncho Liner Recall; Well-Loved "Woobie" Now Banned by Hugh Jashol. November 11, 2019. WASHINGTON D.C. – In a dramatic revelation that is sure to rock active duty military and veteran communities all over the world, the Pentagon quietly released guidance directing Central Issue Facilities across all U.S. military activities to recall the "poncho liner".


with a blanket or the poncho liner (fig 18). Spread the poncho flat on the ground, making sure the hood opening is tightly closed. If a blanket is used place it on the top of the poncho, fold the poncho and blanket in half lengthwise, and fasten the snap fasteners together. To attach the poncho liner to the poncho, refer to paragraph 24.

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Poncho Liner. Made for outdoor activities without compromising value, quality and style. 82 inches x 60 inches plus includes drawstring carry bag! Durable Rip Stop Nylon, Water Proof Military Grade made to U.S. Military Specifications. Tie Cords to Secure to the Rain Poncho for an Improvised Sleeping Bag. Exceptionally Warm and lightweight.

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Poncho Liner with Zipper. $115.00. The Poncho Liner is back in new colors! Choose A Poncho Liner with zipper feature that will allow you to use as a sleeping bag! Our Poncho Liner is made with a highly moisture resistant Taslite material. The lining... Compare. Poncho Liner with Ties. $103.00.

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The Poncho Liner with a zipper is for the customer that may want to use the bag in more of a sleeping bag style. Get two of them and zip one on the bottom and one on the top for double the size! We will use our standard #10 Molded Tooth YKK zipper in a 118 inch length. All ponchos are quilted in a 4 - …

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The Snugpak Jungle Blanket is much warmer than a USGI poncho liner and one side is wind/water resistant. But the ne plus ultra of improved poncho liners is the Hill People Gear Mountain Serape. Quilt, 1/3rd zip sleeping bag, insulated poncho, greatcoat. Incredible piece of gear.

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Put the Poncho Liner with your military poncho for a secondary barrier of warm insulation to protect you from cold. We carry a large selection of Military Surplus Rain Gear and Rain Ponchos to fit every style and budget! The ponchos and poncho liners are well-made and available in a multitude of colors.

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Dragoon Unlimited Military Gear - Woobie, Poncho Liner with Zippered Head Port, Doubles as a Sleeping Bag, 8 Secure Tie Points, Pillow & Stuff Sack Included 4.6 out of 5 stars 125 $59.99 $ 59 . 99

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To put the poncho on, slip it over the head. If the poncho hood is to be worn, adjust the hood drawstring to fit. The helmet and/or liner are worn over the hood. Adjust waist drawstring by fitting poncho around waist and tying drawstring at the back.

Is there really any warmth in a poncho liner (woobie ...

The poncho liner is terrible for warmth in the field if it's actually cold, but works great if you are a boot who wants to sleep on top of his rack in the barracks. Of course modern soldiers and Marines don't make racks anymore, they sleep on beds under their Scooby Doo comforter and just leave it crumpled in the morning.

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Our poncho's are designed for all season use, you can combine the liner and make a nice full length winter coat. In this video we also do something unexpecte...

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Reversible Poncho Liner Warmth and Comfort. The modern woobie held up against the cold pretty well. While not designed for freezing temperatures, there is no doubt this would keep out the worst of the cold in most temperatures above 32 degrees. The polyester material has a very "windbreaker" to it – not as soft and flexible as the older ...

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Just take it out of the package, and put it on – no problems at all. And they are totally waterproof – just like the USGI one is. Also Get a Poncho Liner. One thing that I should mention is that Major Surplus sells a poncho liner, that attaches inside of your VooDoo poncho, and it can be used as a make-shift sleeping bag. And, a poncho ...

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The poncho liner is the best thing since hot poontang. Spend weeks in the bush, out on patrol, sleeping on the deck, cold weather, hot weather, and you realize that the poncho liner is worth its weight in gold. Lightweight, dries fast, keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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USGI Poncho Two of the most useful pieces of gear you can carry in the woods are the USGI poncho and poncho liner. Together they represent a rain shelter, a ground cloth, an improvised sleeping bag. FM 21-15 (1977) says that the combination is good for down to 50 degrees F. as an improvised sleeping bag. The Poncho Liner

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The poncho seems easier to repair than a liner. I don't much care about the time involved. I am not going to spend two hours to save $5 though either. I have taped $2 emergency ponchos that have ripped back together so they can be used again. But I have also thrown them away when they rip to the point of not being practical to repair.

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My opinion (this coming from being Army Infantry) is to invest in a sleeping bag in addition to the liner and poncho. Do not go cheap on the poncho either. A sufficient, reliable poncho will cost around 30-40.00, but, will not rip and will fit right. I believe Ranger Joes () has a 3-in-1 sleep system (bag, 2 sleeping bags. Can ...

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Multi-Use Tactical Rain Poncho. The USGI Industries military-grade poncho is an exceptional piece of field gear. Its grommets and snaps allow for the poncho to have dozens of uses. You can also use it with your poncho liner to make yourself a sleeping bag. Full Military Grade Size 62 inches x 82 inches.

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How to fold - Video https://*The Alpha tent*

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Best part about using the poncho liner is it's so easy to make your own underquilt with it and add mods that work for your style of camping. I have a feeling I will continue to love the PLUQ and eventually put some Primaloft or something into it then sew the whole thing closed.

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Apr 18, 2012. #3. I'll point out that I've never washed my woobie, but I have washed sleeping bags and comforters, and I think it's the same as synthetic sleeping bags. From what I've heard, using a front-load washer is best, since the agitator is the main danger to the material. Also, to keep the loft, I've heard you dry it on medium or low ...

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This poncho liner is designed to provide Marines with a. lightweight, piece of equipment used as a covering or field. blanket in any environment. The poncho liner provides. additional comfort and warmth for personnel involved in. combat or field operations. Wet Weather Marpat Poncho Liner Features: Lightweight, Ripstop Nylon, in a Quilted Pattern.

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The poncho liner under quilt began as a quick and inexpensive way to insulate the bottom of a hammock, by folding over a poncho liner and attaching it to the underside of a hammock. The no-sew version is a quick-and-dirty method that does the job, but it isn't very efficient, depending on how well you gather up the short ends and get the long ...

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A few years ago, I bought an "enhanced" poncho liner from Brigade Quartermaster, made from a different fill material. It was a couple of ounces lighter than an issue liner and noticeably warmer, maybe down to 40. I think it cost about $40. 03-26-2011, 08:45 #9. jjthedog.

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96 Posts. #3 · Aug 23, 2010. quite frankly, the poncho is rather useless used as an actual poncho. oh it can be used, but it sweats pretty bad and you wind up soaked anyway. where it comes into its own is when it is arrainged and hung as a small shelter. two of them over lapped work great. the liner is a jam-up good light blanket.

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Poncho Liner. Our Hero. For the two of you in the free world that are uninitiated in its magic, the poncho liner is a camouflage synthetic blanket that is light, warm, and easily packable. The poncho liner, affectionately and hereafter called a 'woobie", has largely remained unchanged since it was introduced to Soldiers in Vietnam.

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Oh by the way, I hardly ever put up a poncho shelter. 98% of the time I just rolled up in my poncho and liner and found a hole or ravine to prop myself into. Didn't want to be a target or put up a billboard welcoming the wrong parties. Nice chatting – Stay Strong!

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Choose a Páramo Poncho to provide rain protection without trapping heat… The Poncho combines lightweight Nikwax® Windproof for shower resistance and quick drying with zoned Pump Liner ® for extra protection and great water-shedding. The long length and spaciousness allow it to be put on quickly over a pack, while colour-coded poppers make it easy to create 'sleeves'.